Zynga Poker

Zynga is the company behind tons of popular Facebook applications including the smash hits Farmville and Zynga Poker which is an extremely popular Facebook poker application. Most Facebook users play the Zynga Texas Hold’Em poker variation as known from TV in shows like High Stakes Poker, WSOP and World Poker Tour. All play taking place on Zynga Poker is for free and players win virtual chips without any real value to them. Poker is however a bit more fun when something is at stake and there are tons of companies awarding poker interested people real money if they win any prize in freerolls at the online poker sites. There is no difference between Zynga Poker at Facebook and other poker gaming applications except for the fact that online poker rooms are awarding real cash prizes in freerolls. Also many of the gaming sites have software’s that are a bit better and faster than Zynga Texas Hold’Em.

Downloading an online poker room is 100% free and has no obligations to it. There is absolutely no risk or any monetary requirements that has to be fulfilled to be able to take part in the freerolls taking place in online poker. Opposed to what many people think then online poker is legal and there are no laws against it, not on Facebook and not anywhere else. Zynga Poker tend to be quite unserious since players can just refill chips whenever they want to whereas online poker freerolls is very different since losing all chips is equal to be out of the poker tournament before the prize pool has been reached thus it is important to play poker in a more thoughtful way to increase the chances of winning real cash.

Zynga Poker v other rooms

Players playing at a different online poker application than Zynga Poker have a greater chance of becoming better at poker. Of course a lot of players only play poker to kill some time and then Zynga Texas Hold’Em is as good as any but since poker actually is a skill game then many players should like the idea of becoming better at this wonderful game and better understand how superstars like Phil Ivey, Tom Durrrr Dwan, Phil Hellmuth and Ilari Sahamies can make millions of dollars yearly. Recently (Februar 2010) a freeroller from Denmark, Morten Guldhammer won his way to EPT Copenhagen for $1 and turned this one dollar into €57,000 by ending seventh. Without any risk it is possible to turn nothing into a lot.

From 0 to hero

The best example is the professional Full Tilt Poker player, Chris Jesus Ferguson who turned $0 into $10,000 by playing in freerolls and using the cash he won there to play for real.

“to show that it could be done, he turned $0 into $10,000 on Full Tilt by first winning freeroll tournaments. Despite achieving his goal, Ferguson has continued the challenge and was at one point over $20,000” Quote from Wikipedia, Chris Ferguson. Now it of course has to be understood that Chris Ferguson is a professional player and that not everyone can do this but at the same time it show that freeroll cash prizes indeed are real cash which can be withdrawn.

Poker freerolls

Players from the US can sign up for freerolls at our US poker rooms

Players outside the US is recommended to create an account at Classic Poker and Winner Poker

Enjoy the trill and excitement playing poker for free with the chance of winning real cash plus improving your game against better players than the average Zynga Poker player.