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Choose the treasure chest with the golden coins and win up to €5,000 in this thrilling scratch card game that is as different from boring scratch cards bought over the counter as you could get.

Golden Island is an online scratch card game at Unibet Casino boasting fabulous graphics and atmospheric sound effects making the game highly entertaining as the tension builds before the treasure chests are opened.


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Golden Island is without the usual matrix of cells filled with symbols that need to be matched in some way, but instead you are presented with a beautiful scene of a tranquil desert island with miles of amazing beach and swaying palms at sunset.

In the foreground under the branches of a shady tree you have three large treasure chests each closed and locked with a padlock that you alone can open when you play the game.

The chest you choose to open may be filled with worthless stones or with treasure awarding you the cash prize indicated inside the open lid of the chest.

Winning prizes are allocated a prize multiplier making the final cash prize equal to the cost of the card X the multiplier.


To Play the Golden Island Scratch Card


Golden Island is a fascinating, single stage game which is simple to play and highly entertaining as you watch your game balance growing with every win.

If you happen to be disconnected during play, you needn’t worry because the outcome of the game was determined by the interactive system at the moment that you bought the card so the game will be completed by the computer and your winnings dropped into your account.


Buy the Highest Value Card to Win the Biggest Prize


As soon as you opt to play the game you select the price of the card at the ‘price meter’ by clicking on the plus or minus buttons to get to the amount that you want to pay. The prices commence at €0.50 and rise through €1, €2, €5, €10 and finally to €20 for the highest VIP levels at Unibet Casino.

The maximum size of the potential prize is dependent on the price of the scratch card and players can see the size of the potential prize for each game by clicking on the prize banner hanging from the tree after buying a card and before starting to play.

Players will see a game ID number appear at the beginning of the game on the lower left hand side of the screen to facilitate a game history search at any time.


Two Ways to Play Golden Island Scratch


You have two options of how to proceed in the game with the first one being to click on ‘quick pick’ tab immediately after buying the card, choosing a chest where the lid opens and shows your cash prize if you have been successful. If you lose the game you will be asked to ‘Play Again’ where you can choose to start a new game if you want to.

The second way to play the game is to choose ‘Auto play’ where you can decide how many games you want to play and sit back whilst the games are played for you as you watch, one after the other.

The amount of money won is added automatically to the balance shown in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen and at any time you are entitled to pause the auto play before carrying on.


Special Features of the Golden Island Scratch Card


Players can click on live chat to access Unibet support staff directly from the game window allowing them to feel supported at any time. The question mark at the bottom right hand side of the game screen opens up a page of comprehensive game rules and often resolves any queries that a player may have.

Players are permitted to play the Golden Island scratch card game as often as they please in fun mode, changing to real money play when they feel familiar with the game.

There is no pressure or obligation to play with real money so try out all the scratch card games at Unibet Casino before wagering real money on the cards you enjoy the most. To return to the page with the list of games simply click on the X to close the game.

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