Blackjack Strategies

Learning and utilizing strategies in Blackjack can increase the chances of winning for a player and reduce the house advantage. Most of the actions that can be used effectively involve the mathematical principles and therefore, being able to understand and memorize strategies will increase a person’s probability to get a profit.

Anyone can use these strategies from people who play online on websites that offer betting platforms to the people who gamble in casinos for fun. They are effectively used by individuals who play cards for a living and ones who participate in card competitions.

The probability of getting a losing hand is around 51 percent, and a winning hand is 47 percent. Therefore a player needs to increase his chances. The following strategies can be used in playing Blackjack and can ensure a gambler minimizes his losses and make a profit in the long run. They can be combined or used one at a time to maximize a gambler’s chances of winning a hand:

Pair Splitting Strategy

This method is used to split a pair of cards that have the same value and helps in lowering the house’s edge. A player will have an extra hand to play and will be dealt a new card. The two hands are treated as independent, and one can win, and the other loses without affecting the other. The trick to its success lies in knowing when to use it.

Doubling Down Strategy

A gambler can double his/her stake at the same cost of hitting one more card. It is used when he/she possesses a good hand, and the chances of the dealer going over 21 are high. It allows a player to minimize a loss and turn a losing hand into a winning one.

Surrender Strategy

The surrender option is used to get back half of the stake after giving up a hand. It enables the player to save money in the long run in the occasion that they are dealt cards that have considerably fewer chances of winning. If he expects to lose more than 50% on his bet, using surrender will be a great deal for him.

Hit and Stand Strategy

Hit means taking an extra card from the dealer; this is done of the probability of getting to 21 without exceeding is high. Stand means that the player does not need another card and believes his hand is enough to beat the house. Knowing when to hit or stand is a skill that gamblers learn to use over time.

Insurance Strategy

This involves a side bet which enables a person to place one additional bet that’s half the stake especially when the dealer shows an ace. The purpose of insurance is to protect the gambler from losing his whole hand when a blackjack is dealt with the dealer.