WSOPE Scandal

We are currently unable to refer players to Betfair as there is a pending dispute against Betfair Poker. We will feel comfortable to refer our players to betfair once again with our exclusive bonuses once the dispute has been settled and proves to be protecting their integrity as a leading gaming company.

Official protest

Hereby and sister site officially protest the way the super satellite for WSOPE was carried out this past 06 SEPT 2009 at 18:30GMT.

We notify our users about selective tournaments and other strong offers in the online gaming industry, which we certainly did in regards to the aforementioned tournament. We are proud of record for monitoring the online poker scene, staying on top of many of the valuable offerings poker players can take advantage of, and representing the player when we speak to the major online operators, all of whom we deal with. We spend massive hours keeping an eye out for solid promotions where players can find a medium-large advantage, such as the WSOPE satellite you recently held.

The aforementioned tournament, and its potential massive overlay, were pushed heavily towards all our high rolling players from both Bonus Riders and its sister site We announced in email campaigns and word of mouth that a big overlay might be possible in this special tournament. What you did regarding providing what amounts to free entries just prior to the start of the tournament was tantamount to removing an easy to see benefit that paying players counted on and would have made different decisions regarding their playing the tournament had you been honest and up front with what you were planning to do regarding the removal of a serious portion of the overlay projected.

From our perspective the improper use of free tickets to this super satellite damages your integrity, as well as our integrity towards how we communicate with our players. We officially object to the lack of open and honest communication with the poker playing community in this regard by Betfair.

Continued respect for Betfair

We still respect, and will always respect, Betfair for their code of conduct and especially the fantastic work the Betfair sports betting exchange has done throughout the years creating clear and concise rules to prevent match fixing in sports. We are surprised as to how this blunder happened plus the fact that no official comment from Betfair Poker has been released yet, however, we understand Betfair’s attention to it’s poker product is not often with the knowledge of how those who use it might react.

Team Riders find this practice being against industry standards and hereby ask Betfair Poker to provide us with an official comment regarding how this situation arose, and what communications might be changed in the future.


Team Riders

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