Women’s Day Celebration at Unibet Bingo

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The 8th March is International Women’s Day and Unibet Bingo have pulled out all the stoppers to make it an evening of amazing celebration in the venue.

The festive joy isn’t only for women so all you guys out there need to check out the incredible offerings at Unibet Bingo between 7pm and 9pm in the Podium Room.

The Women’s Day promotion is on Fair and Square Bingo games where loads of guaranteed prizes are up for grabs including community jackpots.

As soon as you join Unibet Bingo and BEFORE you make your first deposit you get 14 days access to the beginner’s Room where you can see exactly what kinds of games are on offer.

Unibet Bingo is so good that the team are confident that new players will be enthralled by the Bingo games and won’t hesitate to deposit and take part in the rewarding action.

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Celebrate Women’s Day with the Unibet Bingo Community


Make sure to mark your calendar and get ready on the 8th March to play at Unibet Bingo between 7 and 9 pm. That gives you all day celebrating Women’s Day elsewhere and enough time to get back to your Unibet Bingo venue.

The Fair and Square Bingo games are the ones to head for in the Unibet Bingo Podium Room on the 8th March. The podium is the 90 ball game room at Unibet Bingo.

The ticket prices are just £0.50 each and to participate in the promotional offer players need to buy at least 6 tickets per game.


Prizes on Offer For Women’s Day Fair and Square Bingo Games


The prize money is £275 guaranteed. A fixed jackpot of £100 will be up for grabs along with an additional progressive jackpot.

When the full house is called on 60 balls or less, the €100 Community jackpot is divided up 50/50 between the bingo game winner and the players who participated in the game.

Fair and Square Bingo games are very satisfying as every participating player is allowed to buy exactly the same number of bingo cards for each game. That means that everybody has the same chance of winning making it totally fair and square.

It’s so exciting to play bingo when you know that the odds aren’t stacked against you by people who buy multiple cards. Unibet Bingo always offer Fair and Square games as part of their games choice in the venue throughout the year and not just on Women’s day.


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