Win a Huge Progressive Jackpot at New Unibet Bingo

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There’s great jackpot news buzzing around in the Unibet Bingo community where 80 very happy players have won big jackpot prizes since the launch of the new Unibet Bingo client at the end of July 2015.

The most exciting jackpot news so far was the €10,704.89 progressive jackpot prize win resulting from a €2 outlay.


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Progressive Jackpot Won in the Arena Room at Unibet Bingo


The lucky Unibet Bingo customer visited the Arena Bingo Room at Unibet with his mobile device using the cutting edge Unibet Bingo app and bought 2 tickets to the afternoon ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ session.

The player got a free bingo ticket in addition to the 2 tickets bought for €2 and was absolutely bowled over when he won the progressive jackpot prize of more than €10,000.


New Unibet Bingo Software and Network


The massive progressive jackpot win came within 4 weeks of Unibet Bingo joining a dynamic new online Bingo Network and changing the jackpot set-up in all the bingo rooms.

Everybody knows that it’s pretty hard to win a massive progressive jackpot when thousands of players are chasing the huge rewards.


Twenty Times Easier at Unibet Bingo to Win a Jackpot


At Unibet Bingo it’s 20 times easier to win a big progressive jackpot since Unibet Bingo joined a new Bingo Network on the 28 July 2015.

Unibet decided that the main progressive jackpot in the Bingo Room should be more achievable attracting more customers to the rewarding venue and keeping them there.

The new jackpot set up ensures that every player is 20 times more likely to win the progressive jackpot as it has a sliding scale payout across different game types and bingo rooms at Unibet.

It’s a revolutionary new way of offering progressive jackpot prizes and has drawn in plenty of new players who just love everything that’s new at Unibet Bingo.


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Fabulous Loyalty Scheme at Unibet Bingo


Play bingo and side games in the Unibet Bingo Rooms and watch your Loyalty Meter fill up. A Full meter gives you a free spin of the Loyalty Wheel where every spin guarantees a win and takes you to the next loyalty level. Check out the Loyalty page at Unibet Bingo and set up an account today.


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