Video Poker

On you find the most comprehensive guide to video poker and the best video poker bonuses online for all your favorite video poker games. We have dedicated this section to offer you high quality information about video poker and help you find the best online video poker casinos. Below you find our top video poker casino sites and casino bonuses.

Best Video Poker Casinos

Site Bonus Review Visit
Bet365 Casino Bet365 Casino $ Review
T&Cs Apply. 18+
William Hill Casino William Hill Casino $- Review
T&Cs Apply. 18+
21Nova Casino 21Nova Casino $320 Review
T&Cs Apply. 18+
888 Casino 888 Casino $300 Review
T&Cs Apply. 18+
Unibet Casino Unibet Casino $200 Review
T&Cs Apply. 18+

The game of video poker is enjoyed by millions of people each day and is among the most popular casino games worldwide. Combining one of the most popular games in world with all the best elements of a slot machine, video poker has it all. Another reason why video poker is so popular is because it is inherently fair. Contrary to many other casino games you find online, video poker has a visible payout schedules and no hidden casino edge. Each video poker hand is dealt from a fresh shuffled deck of cards, which guarantee that the chance of hitting any 5 card poker hand is the same in every deal. At the same time the player has a choice in each deal, which means players can increase their edge by holding and discarding the right cards. This makes video poker one of a few casino games where players can actually have a long-term positive expected value pending on payout schedule. Some video poker machines actually have a positive payback and you will make money if you play them the right way and enough times.

Most Online Video Poker machines employ some variant of 5 card draw poker which means that players, who know poker, also know the fundamentals of video Poker. Essentially you want to make the highest possible poker hand. Beyond the concept of poker hand ranking and the concept of the draw, you can forget other things you learned in poker games like raise call or bluff when you are playing online video poker. The video poker game begins with the player placing a bet, usually between one or five credits, and then choosing the deal button on the screen to receive cards. The cards are then dealt to you and you can hold or discard one or all five cards and receive new cards in exchange. After the draw is completed a player will receive any winnings according to the payout schedule posted on the machine.

Many online casinos, including the casinos listed above, offer vide selection of video poker and different variants of the video poker game. The typical video poker variations offered include Jacks or better, where a player needs a minimum of a pair of jacks to win; or Deuces Wild, where all deuces serve as a wild card and a jackpot is paid for making 4 deuces or a Royal Straight Flush. Other variations include Joker Poker or Double Joker Poker, where one or two jokers are inserted into the normal deck of card and serves as a wild card. There are many more video poker variations in addition to these, but they all share the essential rules of receiving few cards, drawing and getting the result. In some online casinos they also offer multi-play video poker, where a player can be dealt more hands at the same time from anywhere between tree and even up to one hundred hands at a time. The multi-play video poker games are normally offered in triple play, five play and ten play.

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