Thrilling and Innovative Bingo Room Offers at Unibet

unibet-580x330It’s the ‘Real Deal’ when you join Unibet Bingo with new customers given seven days in the Beginner’s Bingo Room winning REAL money whilst playing for free BEFORE they are asked to make a deposit to their new Unibet Bingo account to continue with their bingo fun.

Play an exciting mix of 75 ball bingo games for free or you can ‘up’ the rewards by buying some cheap bingo tickets in the Beginner’s Bingo Room when you deposit cash straight off into your new Unibet Bingo account.


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Enjoy the free Bingo experience hour every day between 5pm and 6pm GMT for seven days just by creating a chat name in the Unibet Bingo lobby. It’s fast and easy AND it gives new players a true ‘feel’ for the unique Unibet Bingo atmosphere that’s friendly and thrilling all at the same time.


Get Exclusive Access to the Unibet Bingo Private Room

Experience the VIP treatment twice a week in the Unibet Bingo private Room where you can win a £350 fixed jackpot playing a variety of 75 ball Grand Slam Bingo games. Tickets cost between £0 and £3 making the experience truly affordable as well as really special. Yes… it really does say that there are FREE tickets up for grabs so check it out.

To qualify for the twice weekly Private Room experience between 8pm and 10pm GMT you simply need to stake at least £30 on Bingo tickets and/or mini-games on Saturday and Sunday for the Monday Private Room games. To play in the Friday Private Room games you simply need to play on Wednesday and Thursday for at least £30.


Look Out for All These Special Game Offers

Unibet Bingo at Unibet Casino is very big on the BOGOF specials and whilst we all know that it’s not a rude word but simply means Buy One and Get One Free, at Unibet Bingo every room has great BOGOF deals where you can buy one and get TWO or even THREE free.

Look out for the Fair 4 all special games that are created especially to give everybody the same chance to win by limiting players to the same number of bingo tickets for each game.

It’s great to be in with exactly the same winning opportunity when you start out rather than being ‘pipped to the post’ by a player who is playing with a stack of tickets in every game!

What’s even more exciting is the ‘1 or 2 To Go’ games where you get to share the jackpot prize if you happen to be one or two numbers away from the a Full House. How many times have you experienced that awful sinking feeling that comes when full house is called just before you fill your bingo ticket?


Amazing New Bingo Game Variants

Those days are over because the team at Unibet Bingo love to give all their customers that great winning feeling in every possible way through innovative game variants.

What could be more socially rewarding than playing Bingo Chat games at Unibet Bingo where you actually chat with fellow players and with the chat master leading the bingo game.

You never have to sit around feeling bored and lonely again with so many interesting people sharing in the Unibet Bingo experience every day.

Read our Unibet Bingo Review and draw your own conclusions!

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