Seat selection in poker

Choosing your seat when you play poker ring games is as an important factor as table selection. Most often you prefer to have the bad poker players to your right. The main reason for this is that bad players tend to raise with a broad range of poker hands or even limp call with suited connectors or hands like AJ or AT.

The players to your right

When you get dealt a monster then you are most likely to profit the maximum out of players to your right because they have to act before you do. Had the player been to your left it is more doubtful if he would call your raise with the same hands as he would limp call with. Many players have a hard time releasing a poker hand when they already have money invested in the pot.

However it would only be in rare occasion where you personally should feel pot committed after having tried to raise or limp with a mediocre hand. Texas Hold’em no limit and fixed limit are a high card game. Playing to many low cards will cost you in the long run.

Now should you find yourself in a game with good players to your right you have to consider the following options.

1: Simply leave the game and find another. The internet is full of poker online games and online poker sites so you are not forced to play at one single poker room. Often it pays of to be loyal to a poker room but winnings are more important.

2: If a seat opens to your left then take it. Do you see my point here? By switching from your own seat to the one at your left then you open a seat to your right. Suddenly you created a situation where you gave yourself the opportunity to let a bad player sit down at your right instead of your left.

3: If you decide to keep your seat and stay in the game because the bad player to your left is too good to leave then you simply have to consider fighting in pots against the players on your left. When they raise you should carefully consider the reraise every time. A lot of factors have to be evaluated before going into a fight. However you have to understand that the positional advantage you have is significant and should be exploited a lot.

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