Royal flush also called Royal straight flush

Royal Flush

Getting a Royal flush in Texas Hold’em poker is the one single hand that is impossible to beat. Players often ask the question “what beats a royal flush” and the answer to this question is pretty simple as nothing will beat the Royal flush poker hand.

10 groups of hands

In total there are 10 different groups of hand rankings you can hold in Texas Hold em poker when the deal is completed.

Royal Flush wins against all the other 9 holdings and beats straight flush, quads, full house, flush, straight, 3 of a kind (both sets and trips), 2 pair, 1 pair and high card.

Royal flush poker draws are extremely strong hands in No Limit Texas hold em. You draw to a very high flush and at the same time you will have a gutshot draw for the nut straight as a minimum. Royal flush draws can be played very aggressive on the flop if the situation is correct and it will seldom be a big mistake to get all the money into the pot.

Even the Royal flush wins every time there will be situations where a straight flush or quads beaten will earn the loser of the hand more money. This can happen on the online poker bad beat jackpot tables

A Texas Hold em royal flush made by using both your hole cards will qualify as the winning hand in case you play at a bad beat jackpot table. Any Royal flushes made by using one or zero of your hole cards to complete the Royal flush will not qualify on the bad beat jackpot poker tables. Poker players definitely prefer to be at a jackpot table if the Royal flush quad aces situation appears as this will be a qualifying hand winning the bad beat jackpot.

Quad aces vs Royal flush is only a possible scenario if the player drawing to Royal flush do not hold an ace in his hand. Furthermore it is impossible to see a Royal flush vs Royal flush Texas Poker hand play out.

The Straight flush vs Royal flush and the 4 aces vs Royal flush situation has been seen in both live and online poker tournaments but it happens very seldom and is truly an ugly bad beat when it does.

Flopping the Royal Straight Flush

It is possible to flop Royal flush directly. The Royal flush probability for completing the hand is very low though (0.000154%) and many poker players will never try to flop a Royal flush in the entire poker life.

Some online poker rooms reward players who complete a Royal flush using both hole cards. Pokerplex (not accepting US) is one of those who reward the top hand of the day no matter what stakes is played. This is a great incentive for small stake players.

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