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Online poker account security

It has happened and it will happen again. A user gets his online gaming account hacked. Online Poker account security is something poker players should take serious. Players spend a lot of time discussing the most profitable poker move and totally forget to invest just a few dollars in their computer security.

It does not take a lot to become better than average protected and below is a small list that will increase your poker accounts protection enormously against hackers.

Often the user have been careless and made it simple for hackers to enter the accounts.

Here is how you secure your accounts the best possible way.

  1. Never use the same username.
  2. Never use the same password.
  3. Never give your password away.
  4. Never lend your poker or casino player account out to anyone.
  5. Never store your account information on the online gaming sites.
  6. Watch out when you log in to online gaming places from a different computer than your own. Remember to uncheck “auto login” when you use a different computer.
  7. Install AVG virus scan on your computer. It is a free download from
  8. Create a new email account to use only for your gaming purposes.
  9. Invest in RoboForm. RoboForm is a password generator and will store your passwords. This way keyloggers and other Trojan Horses never have a chance to see your passwords. Anyone using a computer just a few hours a day should buy RoboForm.
  10. Do not open email attachments from unknown sources.
  11. Do not click odd links in MSN, Yahoo or AIM chats. Always ask your friends if the really sent the link.
  12. Be aware of .exe and .zip files you receive. Chances they are infected are huge. Casino and poker downloads are of course all .exe files and you should not be frightened when you see one in a download.
  13. Do not download from unknown sources. Be careful if you download torrents. Always virus scan files you download
  14. Secure your wireless network with a strong password. Avoid using unsecured networks on hotels etc.
  15. When your old computer is on its way to the eternal computer fields or if you decide to sell it – make sure to destroy the hard drive or format it so no old info can be accessed by new individuals.

The list is comprehensive but might miss a few things that professional IT security people would advice on top of what is provided here but overall this will secure your computer against nasty surprises.

About RoboForm

Using RoboForm require very little computer knowledge. The program is easy installed and the main idea with RoboForm is that it encrypts passwords and auto generates passwords so hackers or others who accidentally gets access to your computer at least do not get access to all your accounts and passwords.

RoboForm require one master password. Store this password in a hidden document. Copy paste this every time you activate RoboForm and no one can ever get access to your password info.

The program has endless with genius features and it has many advantages besides protecting your passwords. It is a little investment for a monster protection of your internet passwords. RoboForm auto fill forms and auto logins to accounts.

RoboForm is downloaded in more than 30.000.000 copies and major newspapers like New York Times and Wall Street Journal endorses the use of RoboForm.

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