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A lot of poker hands carry their own poker hand nickname and this special form of poker lingo is somewhat needed to know if you play a lot of poker. As it can be very hard to guess what people mean when they throw poker hand nicknames around you can get a head start by reading our comprehensive poker hand nickname guide below. Not all poker hands have a nickname or it is used so seldom that it is not worthwhile mentioning.

Famous names

Many of the nicknames attached to poker hands are from famous events or popular professional poker players who won a tournament with those hands. Most like Doyle Brunson is the poker star who became most famous for a poker hand nickname as he won the WSOP Main Event twice with T2. That hand is now named after him or his own nickname Texas Dolly.

AA has many nicknames. The most common used is American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, Snake Eyes and Bullets. KK is also known as King Kong or Cowboys. QQ will often be referred to with their poker hand nickname Ladies or Cowgirls. Ladies is also used by Pacific Poker and their 888ladies brand. Our Pacific Poker bonus code give all new players an instant 25% boost to their bankroll. JJ has gotten its poker hand nickname because it looks like hooks or fish hooks. 99 In 1989 the poker star Phil Hellmuth won the WSOP main event with this hand and 99 was named Phil Hellmuth. Hockey fans sometimes refer to this hand as Wayne Gretzky as this was his player shirt number. 88 will be referred to as the snowmen. 77 called walking sticks by many poker players but it becomes more and more seldom to hear this specific poker hand nickname.

66 Route 66, 55 Speed limit, 44 Could somebody call magnum after good old Dirty Harrys gun, 33 Treys, 22 Ducks

Other famous hands with their own name are the big hand AK more or less always named “Big Slick”. Back in the good old days Wild Bill Hickok was shot under a poker game at Nuttal and Manns saloon Number 10 while holding A8 and know the hand is referred to as “Dead Mans Hand”. Other hands to mention could be QT known as “Varkony” or “Rob Varkony” as this was his hand when he won the 2002 edition of WSOP.

Varkony is forgotten

Varkony has never really been properly credited his WSOP victory and is almost forgotten amongst the many profiles who has won WSOP but at least QT will always carry his name. Many other 2 card poker holdings have been dedicated their own poker hand nickname but to spend time and energy on learning some inferior names is not really worth the effort.

Remember to spend your time observing your opponents when playing online poker at William Hill poker instead of writing poker hand nicknames in the chat.

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