Outstanding Edge Rewards at Full Tilt Poker

fulltiltpoker_logoEdge rewards is the new program at Full Tilt Poker that sees all real money players who put in a regular appearance in the card room getting Edge status and the all the benefits accruing to each status level. Poker players are required to earn one Full Tilt Point each day for a month before they qualify for the first level which is Bronze status in the Edge program. The program has 6 levels and the player has his or her status assessed based on the rolling average of Full Tilt Points earned over a 30 day period meaning that if you come infrequently to the card room but earn more Full Tilt Points through contributing a larger amount of rake or buy in fee it is as good as coming daily and playing at very low stakes. What matters is the total number of points earned rather than how often you played.

Simple To Get Edge Status

It is really easy to get one Full Tilt Point as you earn 10 Full Tilt Points by contributing one dollar of rake to a cash ring game and from every dollar of fee that accompanies a buy in to a tournament whether it is a multi-table tournament or a Sit & Go tournament. The reason that rake is taken for every poker hand in a cash game and a fee is charged for a real money tournament is to cover the costs incurred by the card room as poker is a game played between the members of the card room with the prize pool divided between them. Register a new account today with Full Tilt Poker using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to $600.


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