Keys to success in online poker part 2

Set your own success criteria for your poker play.

In all business and in all projects a success criterion has to be set. This applies for your online poker play too.

The way to disaster

  1. Just playing poker online with out a predetermined goal is the way to disaster. Most online poker players do not stick to any plan which most often has the consequence that a new deposit has to be made. Poker players will get better results and bigger winnings in the long run if they take their time to write down the plan for poker success.
  2. If you play poker without a goal, your poker sessions will be controlled by coincidence instead of rational.
  3. Define how much you would like to win within a given time period. In 6 months from now I want to win $2000 could be an example of a winning goal.
  4. Now it is needed to define how you are going to reach your goal. It is not realistic to turn $10 into $2000 and an understanding of bankroll management is required. You can read about this in part 3 of this series.
  5. Define which game and what stakes you are going to play.
  6. Spend some time on analyzing your personal situation and what you can afford. You need to be realistic about your goals. A lot of players focus on the big money prizes in the Poker Stars 1 million guaranteed Sunday tournament and are willingly to spend $215 trying to win the big price. With more than 7500 players in this weekly tournament chances of success are rather poor. Talking about Sunday tournaments then players should use our Bodog Poker Bonus Code and play their Sunday $100.000 instead. The tournament has a lot fewer players and it is more likely to win the first price of $20.000 in this tournament.
  7. It is not a realistic goal to win a big tournament.
  8. Evaluate your plan on a monthly basis. Did you reach 1/6 of your winning goal or did you lose. If you lose on the current levels you are playing– a better idea could be to go down in stakes until you find the level where you are winning. While it can be boring to play lower stakes no one should discard the experience and knowledge you get from playing these stakes. Remember it takes time to become a fully educated and skilled poker player. Understanding players and their habits on all levels is an important skill in poker and all time spent on low limits can be justified as it is very cheap education.

Make your plan

Make your own realistic plan and goals for poker and make sure you have the discipline to follow it. If you stick to the plan you will soon see big improvements in your poker results.

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