Is online poker rigged?

A lot of players have doubts regarding if online poker rooms are rigged or not. Poker managers, support staff and poker forums are daily hit by tons of emails and comments from poker players complaining about the lack of randomness in online poker.

The RNG Generator

The Random Number Generators (RNG) today is excellent and all studies and tests show this fact is true. Many of the software companies do a splendid job showing how they test the RNG. Most of them use the big accounting firm PriceWaterCoopers or ecOGRA (e-Commerce And Online Gaming Regulation And Assurance) to verify that the statistics and distribution of cards are correct. A sample of no less than 5 million real dealt hands is used to proof this.

Many poker rooms have outsourced the software and thus it is in the poker room’s interest to know that everything is fair and square. Players do not get better security than this.

An example could be Ladbrokes Poker who uses software from Micro Gaming. Ladbrokes Poker division is a very small part of their entire online gaming business and there is NO WAY they are going to risk their reputation and integrity by having a poker room running with a fraudulent RNG. The same goes with Titan Poker, they have a most excellent reputation and they would not risk that for pennies.

Actually the RNG does not know poker. It is the Game Logic who determines the outcome of a poker hand after the game is finalized. It is impossible for the RNG to know what cards it has to deal to make it most beneficial for the poker room because the RNG simply does not hold that knowledge.

Furthermore the RNGs are protected and secured. An example is Classic Pokers RNG who is powered by Boss Media. The RNG has been through a lot of tests and after approval by LGA (The Maltese Gaming Comission) the RNGs is given a foot print. This means that if anyone accesses the RNG it will show immediately and new tests would have to be to be performed. LGA is the most respected Gaming Comission in the world and has grown to be the biggest in the world. Playing online poker on Classic Poker using our Classic Poker Bonus Code would be a secure choice.

Conspiracy thoeires

There are many conspiracy theories amongst players regarding Rigged online poker. Below is the most famous:

1: “The Withdrawal” bug. Players believe that when they made a withdraw they get worse cards and are more unlucky than normal.

How many players do you see complain when they continue to win after taking money off a poker site? None. Thus it is only the losers that complain and of course there will be quite a few of losers as there is quite a few withdraws daily. Losers can easily find other losers to back their statements and something that is just normal and mathematical correct, suddenly becomes an evident rigged fact. Many players who make a withdraw might have been lucky to cash or play against a real big fish and forget to look at their good fortune up to the withdraw of funds.

2: “The bad player has to win because it creates more rake” bug.

Players focus on situations where the fish at the table is all in and happens to outdraw them. Again players only see what they want to see and as there are plenty of bad players playing poker then this situation happen millions of times every day.

Another thing is that many of the complaining online poker players actually do not fully understand the variance and swings in poker. Poker is a long term skill game where a downswing unfortunately can last months.

Most of the stories about online poker being unfair are created by losing players. Players who do not want to face the fact they did not put in the time and effort to become a skilled poker player. It is a fair strategy to try and give a player who complains about the randomness a bad beat. The tilt factor could earn you a lot of money from a poker player who focuses on anything else but playing good poker. The implied pot odds in drawing to a sick hand can be enormous.

The best advice is to let go of all thoughts regarding online poker being rigged. If this is not possible for you then you better quit playing online poker. You will never play the A-game if you continuously spend time and energy on finding excuses for your unlucky poker results.

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