General pointers and suggestions

Try your best to avoid going on tilt. Tilting happens to even the best of players when they get everything beat. They start playing or raising every hand out of frustration and it usually just leads to even greater losses. If you feel a tilt coming on get up from the table and calm down before you start another game.

Dont get caught up

Do not get caught up in the ways of bad players who are on a lucky streak. These players might be winning right now, but you can be sure that they are overall losers in the game of poker. So even though this other guy just won a big pot on 46 off and you get dealt the same next round, make sure you throw it away.

Remember to adjust to new conditions at the table. This is especially true in online poker where a lot of new players enter all the time. Wasn’t it the guy in seat 7 who raised 20 hands in a row? Now he is the Rock of Gibraltar suddenly. Did a new player take that seat without you noticing it?

Do not leave a table just because you have won or lost money there. Leave if the table is too hard or you are on a bad streak. If you are winning it is probably wrong to leave a good table, and if you are losing it might just be bad luck, but all in all you should not leave a table with several bad players on it.

When you get a bad beat, but the winning player played absolutely horrendous, put on your best stone face and write Nice Hand to him instead of swearing at him. Maybe your praise will make him keep up the bad plays for next time you are up against him.

The temptation

Do not get tempted to play No Limit poker when you are not ready for it. No Limit poker is a whole other ball game than limit, and could ( and most probably would ) cause an inexperienced player to lose all his or her money.

Don’t play TV poker. You might have seen several poker broadcasts in TV and this could make you think that this is a true reflection on the game. It is not. The broadcasts are edited to show the most intriguing hands and wild outdraws for entertainment value. Treat it like great entertainment, but don’t bring too much of this to your own tables.

Do not get “married” to a hand. Even hands like AA gets beat often, and when several players around you raised on the flop and after the turn, seriously consider to throw your hand away. Try to avoid staying married to hands where you have only one pair.

Make notes on players on sites where it is worth is. If you play on Party Poker or other sites with a HUGE amount of player chances are that you will never see them again, but on sites where you often meet the same players make sure to make notes of their plays.

If things are going bad for you, rethink your plays. Are you the one to blame? If you get lost for one reason or another try reading the Poker School lessons again, or any articles related to what seems to be your problem. Good luck at the tables.

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