Full House

Full House

Full house is also called a Full Boat

Full houses can only be beaten by Royal and straight flushes, Quads and higher full houses. A Full house is defined as 3 of a kind (cards of same rank 777) plus a pair ( 2 cards of same rank 22). In total there are 3774 different Full houses and the ranking of them is determined by the 3 of a kind. QQQTT is a stronger Full house than JJJAA. If players hold the same 3 of a kind it would be the pair who determines which is the better Full house. TTT99 beat TTT77.

Players are often in doubt if Full house is better than flush and straight. As explained on the 4 of a kind page it is always the number of dirrerent ways of creating a hand that determines the strength. Flushes can be made in 5000+ ways and Straights have more than 10.000 combinations. As there are only 3744 combinations of a full house this hand is stronger than flushes (Straight and Royal flush excluded) and straights.

Often a Full house in Texas Holdem poker is completed on the turn or river. Full houses often stand a way better chance of winning a big pot compared to 4 of a kind.

It is worth to notice those Full houses where you only use one of your hole cards are a lot weaker than the situation where you use both hole cards.

If you hold A2 and the flop is AA44 then it is possible that your opponent might hold an Ax hand where his kicker is better. Basically your opponent would be drawing for free to a better Full house.

Holding A2 with the board AA2 is a lot better. Your opponent can in this instance at best have the same Full house.

Full house is an extremely strong hand in Texas Poker Hold em and should be played very aggressive.

Full house FAQ

Does a full house beat a flush?: No

Does a full house beat a straight?: No

What beats a full house? Higher full house, four of a kind, Royal and Straight flush all beat a full house.

What is the probability of full house? There are 3744 different Full house hands out of combined 2,598,960 possible hands. This give a probability of 0.144% of getting a full house.

A full house poker hand consists of three of a kind and a pair (77722 or TTT55).

The full house rules: If 2 players both hold a full house it is the player with the highest ranked 3 cards that will be determined the winner TTT22 beats 999AA.

Best full house: AAAKK is the best full house the second best is AAAQQ and not as many players think AAKKK. It is always the three of a kind in full houses that determine the strength.

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