Episode 2: 2 Months 2 Million

Episode two of 2months2million will put Dani Stern to the test as he encounter a huge losing streak. A $30.000 loss is enough to make him choose drinking as a way to get over it. Will he be able to get his act back together or will he be lost in the never ending Las Vegas night life?

Every sunday

The TV show airing every Sunday at G4TV could find itself portraying a young poker player who has lost total control in which case it will be more than interesting to see how his three companions will manage to help him back on track.

On the other hand Dani showed at the end of episode one how well he managed to tackle a ridiculous situation and without knowing we believe he once more will show moral strength and pull himself up from the big black hole he dug himself into.

Emil Patel on the other hand seem to be in good spirit as he begin to look for a personal assistant.

Team poker winnings after episode 1: $35.000

Below the needed average

This is far behind what Team Israel need to win on average weekly and episode two could be the episode where we will get to see if this creates tension and not so well considered moves from the players.

The clock is ticking but the goal remains the same.

Follow all the action this coming Sunday on G4TV in 2 month 2 millions when episode two air at 9PM EST.

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