Dikshit to sell his Entire Party Gaming Shares

PARTYGAMING FOUNDER ANURAG Dikshit is selling his entire share stake in Party Gaming the biggest UK publicly traded company in the World. As news came out earlier today Dikshit announced the selling of the two thirds only of his 28% stake at the British giant so that he could focus on his charitable work in South East Asia.
However later on this afternoon a spokesman representing the billionaire, has confirmed that Dikshit will sell all of his remaining shares too.

$300.000.000 paid

Dikshit has paid the $300,000,000 fine that was asked to pay the USA authorities and has decided that it’s time to retire. There will be another announcement in regards with the selling of the remaining shares soon.

Current rumours

Rumours in the financial circles in the United Kingdom claim that the announcement of the selling of all Dikshit’s stakes at Party Gaming at once would have plundered the price of the shares might have been the reason of Dikshits decision to make the announcement in installments.

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