Dani Stern

Dani Stern - 2 months 2 million
Dani Stern which is the youngest of the team Israel members in 2months2million began his poker career playing low stakes Sit and Goes at Party Poker. Back then he showed the eager to climb in stakes and kept busting his bankroll until one day where he finished as the runner up in a $20 online poker tournament and scored a nice $3400 win. From that point on he never looked back and have not made any additional deposits to online poker rooms since.

A true professional

Within a short period of time his visit card now show, Dani Stern professional poker player, instead of Dani Stern the college student. A decision he never have regretted since as he has grinded himself all the way from low limit tournaments and now sit as a regular and extremely feared poker opponent in all 25-50 No Limit games played.

Ansky451 as his professional poker player nickname is spelled on Fulltilt Poker also take time to join debates regarding integrity in online poker. He might have a point that most players simply do not care about service and security as their mission first and foremost is to get an adrenalin kick playing poker. It is good to see a young man being responsible enough to use his status in the online poker community to make sure that someone watches out for poker player needs.

Even more passionate he has been regarding player’s multi-accounting on poker sites. Multi-account means that player can play under different nicknames which causes a small advantage as their opponents would not know who they play. All serious poker sites ban players who play more than 1 account and Dani Sterns open letter in this regard definitely created a debate within the poker community.

Born 1987

Being born in 1987 Dani Stern is known as one of the young internet poker professionals. It was an easy choice for him to drop college when he experienced the massive amount of money he could win in online poker. A decision his parents did not feel entirely comfortable with. Replacing studies with online poker games on Fulltilt Poker and Pokerstars is not anything most parents in the world like for their kids. Dani Stern has so far shown it was the right choice. He definitely has a temper as viewers will be able to see in the 2month2million TV show but at the same time he also show passion and all the abilities required for a social human being.

Being a huge winner in online poker has made Dani Stern rich in a short period of time. Some would say that he is too young to live out of playing poker and should have concluded the studies to have something to fall back on if things go bad. A scenario that is not likely to happen because Dani Ansky Stern is one of the best poker players in the world. He clearly showed this in the 2009 WSOP $40.000 buy in event where he came 4th pocketing just short of $550.000 in tournament winnings.

Dani Stern can be followed on PokerStars playing under the nickname supernova9, Fulltilt Poker as Ansky451, Ultimate Bet as Lobster fork and when and if Party Poker ever open the doors for US poker players as Ansky452

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