Cupid Visits Unibet Bingo With Valentine Cashback Bonus


Cupid’s come up with a brilliant bonus offer on Valentine’s day at Unibet Bingo.

You can get up to £25 of cashback when you play at Unibet Bingo on Valentine’s day which is of course this Sunday 14th February.

The offer runs for the whole of the 24 hour day so you don’t need to get up too early to benefit from Cupid’s bonus offer.

The Unibet Bingo cashback comes in £5 vouchers and you can earn up to 5 vouchers amounting to £25 to use over 30 days at Unibet Bingo!


Sign up at Unibet Bingo now and ‘Feel the Love’.


From the moment you sign up to Unibet Bingo you get access to the beginner’s room for seven days where you play online bingo for free whilst winning real cash!


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To Get Your Cupid’s Bingo Cashback Bonus at Unibet


It really couldn’t be easier to get your Cupid’s cashback bonus up to £25 at Unibet Bingo on Valentine’s day.

Play real money bingo at Unibet on Valentine’s day and for every £10 wagered you will get a £5 voucher credited to your Unibet account automatically. You don’t need to do anything extra like applying for it or opting in to the offer.

The voucher value needs to be wagered four times at Unibet Bingo before withdrawing winnings which is a very low wagering requirement compared to other online bingo rooms.


Play Unibet Bingo on Your Smart Phone


Download the free mobile app for Unibet Bingo and play bingo anywhere on your phone. Unibet gives easy step by step instructions on how to download the apps on the Unibet website.

If you are spending Valentine’s day away from home, you can earn your £25 worth of cashback playing on the go.

The Unibet Bingo apps are state-of-the art making them perfect for playing bingo on your phone or tablet. The two separate apps have been designed for both Android and iOS operated devices.

The Unibet Bingo mobile apps are secure so don’t worry about playing bingo outside your home, Unibet are always looking out for their customers.


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Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.