Check Out The VIP Club at Betfair Poker

Betfair General imageThe VIP Club at Betfair Poker is really something to write home about as it is absolutely outstanding and way ahead of most online Poker reward schemes. As soon as any player begins wagering real money at the poker tables whether in cash ring games or in real money tournaments as opposed to freerolls which are an important feature in the card room, status points are awarded at the rate of 30 points for each £1 of rake contributed for every hand played or for buy in fee to participate in a tournament.

This is already a huge number of points for a low sum of cash which really sees the points adding up when you play regularly and you can watch the total number growing as you play directly at your table. The status points determine the status level that you will get in the VIP Club from the 13 levels set up for players to climb month by month. The higher your level, the bigger the multiplier used to increase the total number of status points that your gain as you play, making it very motivating to get as far up the status levels as you possibly can!

Covert Your Points to Cash!

The whole point of accumulating status points is not just to look good in the VIP Club at Betfair Poker but to gain the benefits that accrue to players with plenty of points. You can opt to cash out your points for hard cash which is paid into your account or you can use your points to buy into valuable tournaments. Register an account today at Betfair Poker using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to $2,000.


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