Bodog Poker Overlay Tournament

All players should look to play in the Bodog Poker Sunday tournament taking place September 27 at 4:00pm ET. Last weeks tournament saw an amazing overlay of $39.250 which Bodog added to the prize pool and the eventual winner was taking down a nice first prize of $25.000 only having to outlast 404 opponents.

Rarely seen

Poker tournament overlays of this caliber are seldom seen and Bodog is by far the hottest place to play Sunday afternoon. With a buy in of $150+$12 it is reasonable to make a direct buy in but qualifiers run daily and players can qualify for as little as $1 in the “Cheap Seat” tournament taking place daily at 1:40 am ET and 8:00 pm ET. Other satellite options are the 10 seats guaranteed qualifying tournament ($16+1) which is played 12:15 pm ET on Sundays.

Players with 750 Bodog points can use those to qualify for the Sunday 100k overlay tournament. These qualifiers run twice on Sundays at 12:20 pm ET and 14:20 pm ET.

In 1994 Bodog made the first payout and is one of the oldest internet companies around. The 15th year anniversary is celebrated with many different promotions. None of them as profitable as the Sunday overlay but new players have to navigate round Bodog to encounter all the great promotions which is hosted this year. Bodog has in these 15 years paid customers winnings of more than 50 billion dollars and are one of the most trusted and respected brands in the whole gaming industry.

Play this sunday

Play in the Sunday 100k guaranteed Bodog poker tournament with a fair chance of making some real solid cash without having to beat thousands of players and new players will be eligible to the special 10% instant Bodog Poker bonus cash promotion. Deposit $500 and get instant an additional $50 to play with plus another $500 pending Bodog poker bonus.

We wish all players the best in Bodog Pokers Sunday poker tournament where the internets biggest overlay can be found.


Bodog Poker guarantees $100.000 Sundays which require 667 players that enter the tournament before Bodog poker is not risking any money (667 players * $150= 100k). Last week only 405 players entered which normally would give a prize pool of 405*150=$60.750. Bodog Poker then has to pay the missing money to meet the guarantee which is the definition of an overlay in tournament poker.

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