Blackjack Promo Every Weekend at Unibet Casino

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Unibet Casino is bubbling over with amazing promotional offers that apply to a broad variety of casino games in the venue. Look out for the incredibly rewarding bonus AND cash offers at Unibet Casino.

Every Saturday and Sunday at the Exclusive LIVE Blackjack tables at Unibet Casino you can win Gold Cash Cards worth from €10, €20 up to €50 each.

The Gold Cash cards are dealt completely randomly to the customers playing at the qualifying tables.

Players don’t need to opt in to  participate in the Blackjack Gold Cash card promo, simply play Blackjack at the right time and at the correct tables!

The offer is open for registered Unibet customers playing on desktop or on the Unibet Mobile Casino app. You will find the free apps for all Unibet products on the Unibet website.


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Win or Lose, the Gold Cash Card is Yours to Keep


200 individual special Gold cash Cards with a total value of €2,500 are inserted into the shoe during the promotional time periods over Saturday and Sunday.

Make sure that you log in to Unibet Casino and get yourself seated nice and early at the Unibet Exclusive Live Blackjack tables.

The promotional period is between 2pm and midnight GMT at the Live Unibet Blackjack tables number 1, 2, 3 and 4.

You get the value of the Gold Cash Card credited to your Unibet account within 72 hours whether you win or lose your Blackjack hand.

If any Gold Cash Cards are dealt to the dealer, they are re-inserted into the shoe to be dealt again to a lucky Unibet player.

Players who place ‘Bet Behind’ bets are not eligible for the Gold Cash Card promo. Only the players sitting in the seats where the cards were dealt will get the cash card value credited to their accounts.


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Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.