BetVictor Poker Welcomes Gutsy Players with Poker Aspirations

betvictor sports picPoker play was totally revolutionized in the mid 1990s with the spread of the internet around the world and the development of reliable poker software which is smooth and seamless for players who choose to join BetVictor Poker on the integrated sports betting and gaming platform online.


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Playing online poker is totally secure as BetVictor uses advanced internet encryption technology to protect customer personal data and of course all the transaction going in and out of each individuals account. That is true for all of the BetVictor products, so whether you want to place your sports bets while playing at the tables and indulge in some fun casino in poker it’s completely secure and reliable.


Rookies Learn Fast at BetVictor Poker


The best part about the card room at BetVictor is that even if you haven’t got a clue about the rules of the various games of poker, you can learn them at the BetVictor Poker School where nobody is surveying your progress or making stupid comments if you read up the rules several times over. It’s advisable to start off with the most popular poker game variant Texas Hold’em before considering a move to Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and 7 Card Stud as you will find that most online tournaments and live tournament events are held in the classic Texas Hold’em variant so you don’t want to exclude yourself from the huge poker action out there.

You may decide as most players do, that Texas Hold’em is sufficiently exciting for you and you want to focus all your energies on it, however there are no barriers stopping you from spreading your poker wings when you feel ready to try out other game variants and the natural progression is to Omaha where players are dealt 4 hole cards from the start of the game as opposed to two in Texas Hold’em.

Another really significant point in favour of online poker is that you don’t need to make that famous poker face as nobody can see you, so when you feel that things are going well you can shout with delight or look fed up if things are not so great.You can play from your desk top computer and it doesn’t matter if you have an Apple Mac or a Microsoft operating system as there is compatible software for both types accessible on the Home page of BetVictor Poker. When you have established your account and learned some rules you are ready to start playing so check out all the options open to you which also include playing for fun which is useful until you feel ready to play for real money.

However it is worth remembering that people behave differently at the tables when even the lowest stakes have been wagered so to get the true feel of poker it’s always best to play with real money however small your stake. Register an account now with BetVictor Poker using our link below and get a 200% up to €1,000 bonus on your first deposit and invites to New Player Tournaments for 6 weeks after registration.

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