Betsafe Poker Black Awarding Achievement Badges

betsafe poker black picture latestJoining a pro-active poker room as dynamic as Betsafe Poker Black means more than becoming a member of a poker venue where you spend a bit of free time at the tables making as much cash as you can. At Betsafe Poker Black you are encouraged to become a very competent player through various methods including a superb free poker school and you are invited to enter the ‘Achievement’ program where you are given real poker missions beginning at a simple level and increase in difficulty as you achieve and advance through the program.

Become a True Poker Captain

Every mission that is successfully completed earns you a badge of honor which you can show to your fellow players and even ‘Twitter’ to the world directly from the poker table or the Achievements panel. It’s a very satisfying feeling to brag about the amount of money that you have won at the tables but to gain solid experience in specific poker areas that turn you into an all round poker expert is a truly outstanding feeling that stays with you forever. Grinding to become the real ‘Captain’ of your table is a fabulous goal to have and it is only at Betsafe Poker Black that you are being given this amazing opportunity to become an achiever, challenging yourself at every step!

You are awarded badges according to the difficulty of your mission starting with Blue for easy tasks, Yellow for intermediate and Red for the harder tasks. Play money players can also achieve Green badges and with this great experience will be ready to face the real money tables! Register a new account today with Betsafe Poker Black and claim a welcome bonus of up to €1,000 when you include the registration code ‘pokernetbs’ on your registration form.


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