Betfred Poker Promotes Twister Sit & Go Tournaments

betfred-pokerSit & Go tournaments are very popular with players at Betfred Poker and now there is very lucrative new promotion that must be experienced by everybody in the card room. As soon as you register to sit and play in a new format ‘Twister Sit & Go’ tournament at Betfred Poker you will see a jackpot wheel spin on your screen and the number that the wheel indicates is the multiplier that will be used to calculate your jackpot win in the Winner takes all turbo tournament which is for three players only.

Up to $10,000 Win For a $10 Buy In

Turbo tournaments are superfast and with only three participants in every tourney there certainly won’t be a second for you to get bored! Opt to play at a table where the buy in + the tournament fee add up to $10 and you could be looking at a single $10,000 prize if your jackpot wheel indicator stops on the 1,000 mark. The final prize that you can win is shown on the screen just before you start playing and that is a huge motivator in itself pushing you to go all out to win your twister Sit & Go!

Betfred Poker is a brilliant card room that has a very comfortable ‘feel’ to it. There are social league games and different types of game formats and poker game variants on every day of the week keeping the atmosphere exciting and challenging. From Monday to Sunday there is always a fabulous evening lined up for players with all kinds of poker experience and for bankrolls of every size. Register an account now with Betfred Poker through our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to €1,500.


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