Benefit Greatly From the 888Sports Horse Racing iCard

888sport horse racing pic very bigUse the iCard for all your horse racing bets at 888Sports and you will be amazed by the efficacy and the comprehensive presentation of the sport. The iCard is powered by Press Association Sport and Racing UK giving punters a totally up to date set of information about all races scheduled to take place in the UK, Ireland and in South Africa where horse racing is a very popular and successful year round sport due with outstanding weather conditions allowing horses to race in the north or the south of the country according to the seasonal changes.

You click on the iCard tab at the top of the home page of 888Sports to open up this self contained platform with all the fascinating horse racing information to get yourself totally ‘up to speed’ about all aspects of the individual horses with lengthy historical information which is itself very fascinating to read, facts about trainers and jockeys as well as detailed drawings of every racetrack where a race is scheduled to take place.

Fascinating Horse Racing Material

The amount of information is prolific and put is such a readable way that you will find yourself totally immersed in the site and busy becoming an expert like you never thought possible. All these facts are put together to help the punter at 888Sports to make decisions on how to bet in up-coming races with the best possible outcome. Knowledge is essential when preparing to place bets on horse racing in particular with horses being very sensitive to certain physical conditions and performing better on some racecourses than on others. Register an account today with 888Sports using our link below and get a welcome bonus basket of up to £88.


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