Become a Millionaire with PokerStars during Spring 2015


It’s a well known fact that Pokerstars ‘makes millionaires’ and this amazing feat has been going on since PokerStars was launched on the internet in 2001. In two solid months of promotional tournament s taking place in April and May 2015 PokerStars is busy making more millionaires than ever before in such a short time period and there are plenty of ways to get on the ‘band wagon’ with the current promotional offers available to new members of PokerStars and existing players.

It takes a couple of minutes to download the award winning secure poker software and register an account with PokerStars by clicking the link below.


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Get a $600 bonus to get you started right

Every new player is entitled to receive a start up bonus matching their first deposit to the new PokerStars account up to $600 and if a new member prefers to make three qualifying deposits within 60 days adding up to the maximum bonus permitted as a welcome to PokerStars, then that’s fine too because flexibility is key at PokerStars.

The Spring Championship of Online Poker referred to as SCOOP is taking place in May with the High Main Event scheduled for the 24th May featuring $4 million of prize money for the High main event winners with the first prize set at a minimum of $1 million. Deal making will be permitted between players so the top prize may be under the $1 million guaranteed but that is beyond the control of PokerStars and still makes for a life changing amount of prize money.

PokerStars members are now able to win 16 High main event entries that each has a value of $10,300 in a straightforward promotion, the ‘SCOOP All-in Shootout Deposit Raffle Tournament’. There are 2,000 prizes to be awarded through the raffle tournament on the 22nd May including 111 seats worth $1,050 to the SCOOP Medium Main Event and 1,919 seats worth $109 to the SCOOP Low Main Event. PokerStars members need only deposit a minimum of $25 to their accounts between May 2nd and May 21st using the bonus code SCOOP2015 and register to play in the ‘all in’ tournament on the 22nd May with the raffle ticket credited to their account automatically. Players can only obtain one raffle ticket each making it a level ‘playing field’ with everyone having the same chance of winning one of the coveted tournament seats.


Cash Prizes for Lasting Longer!

The raffle tournament doesn’t require the participants to be logged on as every player will be all in every hand until the winners are declared. $85,000 is up for grabs in the ‘Last Longer Challenge’ where the top three players of the 16 High Main Event Raffle winners who last longer than the competition in the main event tournament win prize money of $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 respectively making the whole event even more exciting.

It is important to register to participate in the Scoop All-in Shootout Deposit Raffle Tournament before the start of the main event as late registration is not permitted.

Register your account now with PokerStars and join the players seeking to become millionaires.

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