Bad beat poker jackpot

Quite a few poker rooms offer Poker bad beat jackpots today. A bad beat jackpot is normally won when quad 8s or higher are beaten.

Players need to play on special bad beat jackpot tables to win the bad beat jackpot. The reason behind this is that on those special tables the rake is a bit higher and the increased rake funds the jackpot. In principle the poker players playing those tables pay the jackpot.

How to win

A good and sound principle is to only play jackpot poker tables when the jackpot has reached a certain amount.

If the requirements are quad 8s beaten then you should only play when the jackpot is $400.000+, quad 7s it is advised to play when the jackpot is $350.000 and if the jackpot on Classic poker reaches $300.000 then it makes sense to play there because only quad 6s need to be beaten.

Besides the actual poker bad beat jackpot there are other advantages playing those tables. Action junkies are attracted by the big money and will call big raises with any hand that has bad beat jackpot potential.

The poker community is still waiting for Poker Stars bad beat tables. The world’s largest and most busy poker room did not yet introduce a Poker Stars bad beat jackpot. Unfortunately all players who aim for the big score has to wait a little longer to see how a jackpot would develop on Poker Stars.

The jackpot at Absolute Poker

A very good indication is given by the size of the Absolute Poker bad beat jackpot. Their bad beat jackpot is the fastest increasing jackpot on the internet and is hit several times on a monthly basis. The biggest pay out was back in mid 2008 where a $996.000 was paid out to a (un)lucky loser of the hand and his fellow poker players.

The Ultimate Bet bad beat poker jackpot is shared with Absolute Poker and players can aim for the same jackpot regardless of which site is played at..

Party Poker bad beat jackpot tables are extremely popular and run 24/7 with loads of action. Until now a bad beat jackpot of more than $1.200.000 has been hit by some extremely happy PartyPoker bad beat jackpot winner. Again quad 8s need to be beaten to qualify for this Partypoker bad beat jackpot.

Classic Poker has the easiest requirement as only quad 6s needs to be beaten. Despite this jackpots in the area of $600.000 can be pursued several times a year. This is by far the best bad beat jackpot for players to win.

Ladbrokes Poker offers Bad Beat Jackpot

One of the better known European brands also offer player to win a big amount if losing with quad 8s. Ladbrokespoker bad beat jackpot continuously grows bigger and is worthwhile checking out.

It makes sense to play after the above bad beat poker jackpots when the amount is high enough. Even it is very difficult to hit the jackpot itself the many loose players on the table might turn out to be more profitable than any other poker tables running online.

We wish you get really unlucky in a hand and take down one of the big bad beat jackpots.

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