Americas Cup Of Poker

Pokerstars recently launched their brand new campaign ”Americas Cup of Poker” with the tag line “Your Country Needs You”. This is another brilliant masterpiece of marketing created by Pokerstars.

In total poker players from 16 countries will compete in 3 daily tournaments for points to their country. All North and South American online poker players can fight on the poker tables for their country. 3 daily tournaments give points to players and total points for each country will determine which 2 countries from each of the 4 groups will advance to the live final. The final is to be played in Argentina at the beautiful ski resort in the city Bariloche.

$250.000 is the prizepool players are fighting for on top of the pride winning the Americas Cup title. The winning team will take home a humongous $100.000 win. Be part of this exclusive event by participating in as many of the freeroll Pokerstars run daily. You can join by sigining up with the PokerStars Bonus Code. Players from USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Mexico can participate in this great event where pride and honor means more than money.

In Group A the following 4 countries will fight for a place in the final:

    USA, Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Group B has the following participants:

    Canada, Panama, Uruguay and Columbia

Group C will find the 2 final countries between:

    Chile, Venezuela, Peru and Costa Rica.

Group D will find the winners from on of these 4 countries

    Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Honduras

Top 2 from each group advances to the final and will during the stay in Argentine battle for the Americas Cup Trophy and their share of $250.000. It is guaranteed that the members from the winning team will become Pokerstars themselves as Medias all over the world will follow this event close. Pokerstars with another great promotion once again proof that poker is much more than million dollar tournaments and that hobby players will fight for their country.

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