2m2mm Episode 2

Dani Stern did put a quantity of pressure on himself after losing heavily in one session. A $30.000 loss was sufficient enough to make him go to tilt room to demolish quite a few vegetables. Drinking was another way for Dani to tackle the significant loss.

Reduced losses

Not a very professional attitude Dani showed in the first half of the episode but still he managed to get back strong and reduce his loss of the week to $19.000.

If the amount Dani lost had an impact of his behavior is still unclear. Maybe it was just the fact that he lost again and made it two weeks straight in the red zone that made him feel a little depressed.

Dani however did manage to explain in a reasonably good way that the amount of hands put in on the tables matters in terms of reducing the luck factor in poker.

Being amongst the best players in the world, it is only a question of time and enough hands before any loss is recouped. A situation we have already seen Jay Rosenkrantz pull of. After being stuck pretty well in episode 1, he is now the biggest overall winner on the whole team.

The worst loss Dani had the whole week was most likely in five Heads Up matches played against Emil Patel. Dani went from being up 2-0 to lose the match 2-3 and was once again to carry of the penalty stunt of the week.

We sure hope the penalty stunts will gain in quality as it was not particularly fun to watch Dani dressed in pink playing the harp on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Brian finally showed a little bit of tension as Dani kept losing. Brian himself did well in episode two and won close to $50.000.

Some things are kept secret

It would be great to understand how much of the losses that are shared amongst the team members to fully understand their reactions in certain situations. “Unfortunately” we will most likely not get to see all the apprehension possible as the team after 2 weeks already is +$198.000.

Winning 10% of the total two million dollars after 2 weeks is a great effort and the four professional poker players are definitely on track to accomplish the task they set for themselves. Being comfortably in the green zone will make all of them relax and it is to be expected to see them put in a lot of hands in episode 3.

Jay Rosenkrantz has managed to present himself as a very mature and extremely pleasant person during the first two episodes. He seems to have enormous with self confidence and also he showed to care about his friend Dany and his well being. We already like this guy a lot so far and it will be very interesting to follow him in the remaining episodes of the show.

End result after 2 weeks: +$198.000

G4Tv will air episode 3 Sunday August 30th.

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