10-Line Jacks or Better Jackpot Game

10_line_jacks_or_better‘10-Line Jacks or Better’ is not only very fast paced and thrilling but one of few PlayTech Video Poker games with a progressive jackpot and a Return to Player rate of 96.9%!

There are dozens of exciting slots games with massive accumulating jackpots in the extensive games suite at Bet365 Casino but ‘10-line Jacks or Better’ lets you enjoy up to 10 hands of poker simultaneously and gives you the chance of winning a whopping amount of cash that is accumulating day by day in a progressive jackpot as customers play the popular game in PlayTech powered casinos everywhere.

The basic ‘Jacks or Better’ video poker game has been around for some time at Bet365 Casino but throwing a progressive jackpot into the mix has led to a truly thrilling PlayTech powered game with great winning possibilities.

The progressive jackpot has a very regular payout time which is said to be every 17 days on average making it a game well worth indulging in.

To get the progressive jackpot paid out to your account you just need to get a Royal Flush in DIAMONDS in the MAIN hand when you bet the maximum possible of $50 on the game for 10 poker hands to be dealt simultaneously. The main hand dominates the screen with the other hands populating the screen around it avoiding any confusion to the player.

How to Play ‘10 Line Jacks or Better’ Jackpot Game

The game is played using a separate 52 card deck for each poker hand and without any Wild cards in the game. The jackpot hand is dealt first and the player is required to decide which cards to discard. The cards retained are held in all the other hands being played simultaneously and the cards are then dealt for the last time. The player is paid out on every hand that shows a winning poker hand. The payouts to players begin with a pair of Jacks or higher and the largest standard jackpot of 4,000 coins is paid out when the player gets a Royal Flush in the main hand.

A Royal Flush in any of the other 9 hands triggers a payout of 250X the coin bet and a Straight Flush leads to a 50X pay out.

Four of a Kind gives a 25X payout, Full House gives a 9X payout, a Flush gives a 6X payout, a Straight gives a 4X payout, Three of a Kind gives a 3X payout, Jacks or Better gives a doubling of your stake and Two Pairs gives 2X your coin bet.

After every hand, the player can double the winnings by clicking on the gamble option, but remember that it also means that the win can be lost if the gamble doesn’t succeed.