Yevgeniy Timoshenko wins WCOOP

21 years old and he does it again. Cashing more than $1.700.000 dollars when he won WCOOP event 45 make Yevgeniy Timoshenko the most winning player during this years WCOOP. Amazingly enough this is not the young poker players biggest cash in 2009 as he already won WPT World Championship at the Bellagio back in April where he cashed $2.149.660.

The youngest WPT winner

Being the youngest WPT World Championship winner and now also able to write WCOOP main event champion 2009 on his visit card is truly something that need to be respected and Yevgeniy Timoshenko is a force to be reckoned in all future poker tournaments live and online.

The same night as he won WCOOP main event 45 he also took down the 1k Monday tournament on Full Tilt Poker cashing an additional $75.000. Players are often extremely hot when things are going their way but for this guy the latest results come after an incredible 2008 season where Yevgeniy Timoshenko came 2nd in EPT Barcelona, 3rd in WSOPE London and won an Asian poker tour event worth $500.000. Running hot for a full year is seldom seen and this player is extraordinary and worthwhile studying if anyone wants to improve their tournament skills

One of the best players right now

21 years old and with more than 3 million dollar in live tournaments winnings and now an additional $1.800.000 in online poker winnings make Yevgeniy Timoshenko one of overall best players the last 2 years.

We wish Yevgeniy Timoshenko the best in the future and hope to see him in action in all the coming European Poker Tour tournaments battling it out with another extremely hot player namely Elky who came third in the same WPT at Bellagio as Yevgeniy Timoshenko won.

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