WSOP final table 2009 (Phil Ivey) – who will win it?

In only 3 days the remaining 9 players at the WSOP finale table will battle for their share of the astonishing price pool of over $27 million. But who will be the next World Champion of Poker? Most people would say Phil Ivey of Full Tilt Poker without any hesitation and no doubt he is one of the favorites, but his low chipstack can not be totally disregarded when considering his chances becoming WSOP champion 2009.

The odds are ready

Many Bookmakers have now released the odds for the 2009 WSOP final table and if you are looking for some extra action when following the final table this is surely a fun way. Betfair is currently offering the following odds on who will win:

Darvin Moon 5,2
Eric Buchman 5,2
Phil Ivey 6,8
Steven Begleiter 8,0
Jeff Shulman 7,0
Kevin Schaffel 16,5
Joseph Cada 14,0
James Akenhead 16,5
Antoine Saout 19,5

Not surprisingly the bookmaker’s odds reflect the current chip count in many ways and the big favorites for title are the two chip leaders Darvin Moon and Eric Buchman. But Phil Ivey stands out in a big way with only odds 6.8 to win, which does certainly not reflect his chip count.

5 % of the chips for Ivey

Coming in to the final table Phil Ivey only have about 5 % of the chips and his chances to win should therefore be around 20 to 1 if one leaves out any skill factor. Of cause Phil Ivey may be the best poker player in the world and certainly the best at the final table, but is he that good?

In our opinion it would be a mistake to back Phil Ivey with the current odds. Especially if one consider his low stack and that only one mistake or bad beat could send him to rail and thereby leave out any skill factor what so ever. To make this a good bet one would need at least odds 12 or 14 to account for this unpredictable factor.

We recommend choosing someone other than Phil Ivey to win as his odds is to low and does not reflect is chances. Certainly one can find better value in some of the players at the table.

You can follow the final table from November 7th where play will continue until 2 remain which will play again on November 9th for the title.

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