WSOP final hand – Joseph Cada wins WSOP title

Darvin Moon had a chance to take Joseph Cada out earlier in the heads up match. On a board showing TT95 Darvin Moon check raised Joseph Cada all in on the turn and even it was not an easy decision for Cada to put his tournament life on the line only holding J9 he decided to make the call. Darvin Moon could show the 87 for the open ended straight draw and it was an excellent decision made by the 21 year old Joseph Cada and as the river was a brick, Cada was suddenly back in the lead which was extended a bit before the final hand of the 2009 World Series of Poker hand.

3bet from Darvin Moon

Holding 99 Joseph Cada made it 3 million to go and faced an 8 million re-raise from Darwin Moon. Cada announced all in and Moon decided to make the call with his QJ of diamonds. The board did not help any of the players and as Cada had Moon out chipped the WSOP champion 2009 was finally found. Cada is the youngest Main Event winner ever and once again PokerStars managed to have their sponsored player taking home the title. Cada will now replace Danish Peter Eastgate as the new WSOP Main Event champion for PokerStars.

Cada surely had his luck on the final table where he was all in three times. First against Phil Ivey with 44 versus A8 and shortly after Cada saw his 33 in big trouble against Jeff Shulman’s jacks but hitting a set on the flop once again doubled Joseph Cada and this time to a more than healthy 22 million stack. Cade increased his stack but once again came in trouble when down to three players where he decided to make a play for the pot re-raising French Antoine Saout all in holding deuces. Saout had an easy decision holding pocket pair queens but once again the flop helped Joseph Cada as the third deuce accomplished the “Cada heater” sending Antoine Saout to the rail in third position.

Deserved the title

Cada surely is a well deserved champion as beating a field of 6493 fellow players requires a lot of skill and Cada has shown great play and poker skills during the tournament.

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