Worst online poker opponents?

First of all it is important to note that all poker rooms have inexperienced players but some rooms are incredible in the amount of inexperienced players on the poker tables.

Bad players at Pacific Poker

For years the online poker room with the highest population of “fish” has been Pacific Poker. The reason for this is simple. Pacific Poker runs a humongous online casino operation. Players from the casino like to pass by the poker room to play some online poker as well. This is a very profitable situation for regular poker players and even newbie’s to the game should play at Pacific poker because of the lack of good opposition.

Pacific poker also does a lot to attract new players. Their bankroll boosting first time Pacific Poker bonus is the best available bonus for new players. 25% of the deposit amount will be available in player accounts immediately. This offer is avaialbe for deposits up to $400 and players can earn themselves a full $100 before even playing 1 single hand.

To determine if you sit with an inexperienced player a few things will indicate this

1: Your opponent call to much.

This is the best sign of an inexperienced poker player. He like do play hands and see flops. He plays to many hands and only call. It is very important to find out how much he is willingly to call preflop in No Limit Texas Holdem to maximize the chances of you getting as many of his chips as possible.

2: Your poker opponent seldom raises.

Watch out if an opponent who calls to much suddenly raise or reraise. The risk that he has the stone cold nuts is overwhelming.

3: He complains in the chat.

Opponents who complain in the chat have not understood the complexity of poker. All players get bad beats but the ones chatting about this are ready to be assigned the “fish” note immediately. The note will be added in my note book immediately they analyze a hand wrongly.

Other signs of inexperienced player would be the amount he bet in pots. Full pot bets, over betting the pot are real good indicators that you have a fish on your table.

The right seat

Make sure you sit on a seat on the right of these types of opponents if possible. As close to them on the right hand side is the best position you can have in terms of controlling how to get their stack.

On top of delivering a lot of bad players to the poker ecology Pacific poker also offer new players many different freerolls and other sign up incentives.

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