World Poker Tour sold

WPT Sold

Party Gaming ended as the winner in regards of buying World Poker Tour (WPT) and all their assets.

More than 10 million dollars

$12.3 million was the offer that concluded the deal leaving Ipoker behind in the race of buying WPT. On top of the $12.3 millions Party Gaming will pay a revenue share of the future proceeds from WPT which account to be a minimum of $1.000.000 yearly over the next 3 years.

The acquisition of WPT is a smart move from Party Gaming CEO, Jim Ryan.

$12.3 million buy Party Poker the only real poker tour that has a chance to compete against all the different tours PokerStars host worldwide.

Party Poker also bought themselves a major brand and entry point in case the US market once again opens for online poker. Party Poker has already settled with US government and seems to be preparing to re enter the American market in near future. At least the buy of WPT indicates that executives from Party Poke have high hopes in this regards.

The World Poker Tour website itself has significant value in terms of player acquisition from Europe and the possibility for Party Poker to sell advertising to competitors.

Yearly income from the website

An estimated yearly income of more than $1.500.000 from WPTs website is a likely scenario and with all the added media attention during WPT tournaments the acquisition of WPT seems to be a real bargain for Party Gaming.

Party Gaming made a scoop when they managed to close this deal and the stock traded on London Stock Exchange (PRTY) might see a 52 week high this week.

How Party Gaming will develop the brand and the World Poker Tour tournaments in the future is yet to be seen but expected is quite a few extra World Poker Tour tournaments in Europe.

If and when Party Gaming enters the US market we predict they will overtake the market leader position within a year from the date they open the doors to US players again.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.