World Cup Picks

The World Cup is well underway and the second round matches are being played today and the following days. Since one match has already been played it already by now begins to be more strategic soccer games the spectators will see. The teams who lost their first match really need to go on the field and give everything they have to secure a win in the second round match to ensure that they can determine their faith in the World Cup 2010 by winning the last game. Losing or drawing is a catastrophe for those teams.

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It is that simple when you become an 888sport punter during the World Cup. Our suggestion is to back Denmark in the match on Saturday versus Cameroun. The match is extremely important for both teams since they both lost the first match in the group and Denmark actually seemed to play decent soccer versus Netherlands despite the 2-0 loss. Denmark will beat Cameroun and using the money back guarantee on that match will give you £44 if Denmark wins.

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.