Win Your Bonus in the Betfair Casino Login Lottery

betfair casino pictureBetfair Casino has just posted a fabulously simple and very lucrative promotion for the month of July 2013 ‘The Login Lottery’ which will give players who log in every Wednesday and Thursday during the month of July, the chance of being one of the one hundred random players drawn from the active players in the Betfair Casino on those days.

As the temperatures rise with the summer season, so does the heat in the prestigious Betfair Casino where the winning never stops. Just log on to the Betfair Casino home page and you will immediately see the names of the players who have just won on the massive suite of games offered to the customers. The names just keep flashing up on the screen with the amount won and the game that they played to win. You can see the size of the progressive jackpots waiting for you to hit the right combinations to see a life changing win. Betfair Casino is proud and delighted to announce the winners and it is thrilled to give its customers opportunities to win fabulous bonuses in the ongoing promos.

900 Winners for Logging In to Betfair Casino!

There are 4 Thursdays in the month as well as 5 Wednesdays meaning that 900 winners will be chosen and you could be one of them as long as you log in and play on any of the real money games in the thrilling suite of games. The prizes range from £5 up to £1,000 so make sure you get your share of prizes from the Login Lottery this July. Register a new account today at Betfair Casino through our link below and you will be eligible for a welcome bonus of up to £300.


Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.