Win a Super Blackjack Prize at EU Casino

EU-casinoAt EU Casino it is very beneficial to play Blackjack on the Super Blackjack days marked on the monthly promotional calendar. Every Super Blackjack day has two Blackjack cards which are posted as the ‘Super’ cards that will win you ten times the amount of your bet if they are both in your winning hand. You can win up to €1,000 on each of the Super Blackjack promotion days and it is up to you to send the details of your Blackjack game session ID which is up in the left hand corner of the game window to the Customer Support team. This must be done within 24 hours of winning and when you have done this your prize will be credited to your account as a claimable cash bonus.

The Super Blackjack cards are always different on every promo day so keep an eye on the promo and make sure that you read the detail in order to make your claim in time. Blackjack rules are set out for customers to read at EU Casino so use the strategy for winning as it is really that Blackjack skill which will help you to achieve your goal of beating the dealer.

Get Cashback Just for Playing!

When you opt in with your username to play any kind of casino game on Cashback day you will be given back 10 units of currency for every 1000 that you wager. What a wonderful way to get money back in addition to all the winnings that you make on the games at EU Casino. Register a new account immediately using our rapid link below and get a welcome bonus of up to €5250.


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