Wigan vs. Manchester United – Betting tip

Manchester’s lead in the Premier League has been reduced to a single point, following the 1-0 defeat at Wolverhampton. They still have a game in hand so their advantage can increase, but they are also preparing for a crazy schedule in early March. Chelsea an Liverpool are the first two teams to face away from home, followed by a Cup game and everything ends with the second leg of the Champions League fixture against Valencia. In this circumstances it is only fair to say that this might well be United’s last easy match in a while.

Wigan with issues

Wigan has some issues of its own, with relegation at their doorsteps and are desperate for a positive result. Morale is at its highest following the point stolen from Liverpool, but they are still far behind in the head to head matches. There is no other team United has dominated so clearly over the last decade, with all 12 games against Wigan resulting in clear victories. 37 goals scored and only 4 conceded is the record Manchester can count on to keep the hosts under pressure and reluctant to take any chances.

One thing is concerning punters for the moment besides the sub par away record, and this is the fitness of some key players. While we know for sure that Ferdinand, Hargreaves, Valencia, Park, Anderson and Evans are missing, it’s yet to be seen how Giggs and Silva will perform tonight. With so many questions about the initial starting formation it is unlikely that Ferguson will rest any players and will try to send in the best possible squad.

He correctly stated that these tree points are just as important as those winnable against Chelsea and Liverpool, but easier to get. The visitors will not hold back and with Rooney and Hernandez upfront they will have both the speed and skill to surprise the weakened Wigan defense. Vidic, Evra, Silva and Smalling will block the way to Van der Saar’s net, in the unlikely event the hosts will push that far into enemy territory.

A draw would be satisfying

The hosts would be glad to settle with a draw and they will play accordingly, hoping to achieve the first point in a match against United. They have no injury concerns, but regardless of the players fielded by Martinez they will still be the underdogs.  United are expected to start the match very offensive minded, hoping to capitalize on Wigan’s lack of confidence  and once a goal will be scored we’ll see less vicious attacks. Keeping the hosts under pressure should be an easy mission, and once Manchester takes the lead the game is pretty much over.

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