Who will be the biggest online poker room in 2010?

The competition regarding being the biggest poker room in the world seems to have escalated recently. Full Tilt Poker is closing the gap and is now approximately 2/3 of the size PokerStars have and continues to close the distance gap week after week.

PokerStars attacks

PokerStars have answered to all promotional attacks made by Full Tilt Poker recently to protect their status as the worlds leading poker room.

Full Tilt Poker planned an attack on the Guinness World Record for most poker players in an online tournament and aimed to enroll 50.000 players in the same tournament.

PokerStars reacted immediately to this Full Tilt poker gimmick and over trumped Full Tilt by an astonishing 15.000 players making the total participants in PokerStars world record tournament a full 65.000 poker players.

Full Tilt poker created a campaign called “biggest bonus ever” in relation to a new software upgrade they made and PokerStars responded immediately to this campaign by 12 doubling their first time poker deposit bonus from $50 to $600 matching the offer Full Tilt Poker give their new players.

PokerStars at the same time also gave away the biggest reload bonus ever and both these initiatives worked to keep Full Tilt Poker at distance in 2nd spot. Another way to keep players interested playing PokerStars have been the recent use of “cash for point’s tactic” implemented by PokerStars on 2 occasions and something they until now refrained using as a player retention scheme.

PokerStars with all their live tournaments (EPT, APPT and many others) have plenty of exposure in the Medias at all times but it might not be enough to conquer the exposure the more than 200 pros endorsing Full Tilt Poker at the time being gets.

The big cash games

The major cash games hosted by Full Tilt Poker also attracts enormous with media and forum attention which is far from anything PokerStars are able to deliver to players.

Full Tilt Poker certainly are doing something right since the have closed the gap from being half the size of PokerStars and with PokerStars playing catch up and copy cat Full Tilt Poker seems to be the ones coming out on top as the room with most growth potential in the coming 6-12 months.

If this is enough to overtake the leading position in the world is still to remain seen but it will definitely be interesting to see how PokerStars are going to keep Full Tilt Poker away from overtaking the leading poker room position.

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