What if team Israel run bad?

2 months 2 million

The quest of winning 2 millions in 2 months that the 4 professional poker players Emil Patel, Dani Stern, Brian Robertson and Jay Rosenkranzt have given themselves is a great opportunity to discuss a few things.

Their own money

First of all it must be emphasized that these young guys play for their own money and is not bankrolled by G4TV. They actually could lose a lot of money in the attempt to end up with a poker win of two million dollars after two months.

Goals like the above sounds cool and no doubt the youngsters will end up as even bigger poker stars than they already are, in case they succeed fulfilling the astronomic goal in this poker reality TV show.

However it has to be pointed out very carefully that there is an increased risk setting such high success criteria’s. What happens if the team combined is stuck $500.000 or more after a few weeks. Being young and fearless could cause them to take shots at really high stakes poker tables to try and become even because they WANT to show they could win the 2 millions within 2 months.

Will they psychologically be ready to accept that the mission failed in case they get of to a bad start or will they show all of America what inexperienced players often do namely play higher stakes to become even?

Hopefully Team Israel will show that they are real established and mature poker professionals who have prepared themselves properly for this insane difficult mission.
Hopefully they will continuously follow a strict bankroll management no matter what happens not only to protect themselves from astronomical losses but also as an education for the viewers of the TV show.

A dangerous syndrome

The “break even” syndrome is extremely dangerous and known by most poker players. Unfortunately it often ends up with a catastrophe when trying to get even for the day. Playing tired and maybe on higher stakes than normal very often causes players to lose a lot more than they did already.

No doubt the show will be more interesting if Jay Rosenkranz and his fellow Team Israel mates run really bad from day 1. Then the spectators will see some real spectacular psychological episodes where both the poker downswing needs to be handled as well as their internal friendship.

Emil Patel and the rest of the team have put themselves in the hot chair and August 16th we will all see if and how they will manage through eventual troubled waters.

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