Weekend Cash Cards at Unibet Blackjack Tables


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Looking for one more Great reason to Join Unibet Casino? Well here it is!

Check out this exclusive Unibet Blackjack promo worth £2,000 every weekend and go for it.

NO opt in is required for the Blackjack cash Card promo AND It’s available for players on Desk-top and Mobile.


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Gold Cash Cards only at the Exclusive Unibet BJ Tables


Unibet has selected the most popular game in the casino venue, Blackjack for its extraordinary ongoing Cash Card promo. Unibet seeks to reward it’s loyal customers with all sorts of amazing offers.

Every weekend the team at Unibet Casino busy themselves placing 170 Gold Cash Cards worth over £2,000 on the exclusive Unibet Blackjack tables.

  • 20 cards worth €50 each.
  • 50 cards worth €20 each.
  • 100 cards worth €10 each.


The cards are placed into the shoe each day randomly so anybody can win one or more Gold Cards every weekend. The money is credited to the winner’s Unibet Casino account within 72 hours.

Whilst the value of the Gold Cards is shown in Euros, your prize will be credited to your account in your own currency.

The Cash Card promo runs every Saturday and Sunday between 2.pm and midnight at the Exclusive Unibet Blackjack tables 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The cash cards are credited to the winners regardless of the outcome of the Blackjack game play. Win or lose your Blackjack hand…..your prize is truly yours.

If the Gold Cash Card is dealt to the dealer, it will be re-entered into the shoe for a player to win in another game on that same weekend.

You can be sure that fairness is a top priority at Unibet Casino along with security and trust.


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Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.