Thrilling Mega Fortune Video Slot Promo at Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino are absolutely overjoyed to announce that the Mega Fortune jackpot promo is hotting up very nicely indeed after just a few days of being underway. Already the Middle jackpot has been won by a Norwegian Player who collected a cool €229,452.65 on the 28th September 2012 by playing on this prestigious video slot with a wager of just €12.50!

You Don’t Need to Win to Get a Share of Cash!

Unibet Casino is offering a 10% addition to the big jackpot win if it is won by a Unibet player, to be divided between all the Unibet casino players who wagered on the Mega Fortune video slot in the 24 hours leading up to the prize being won. The big jackpot is still waiting for the opportune moment and it needs plenty of Unibet casino members to keep spinning those 5 reels and feeding the 25 lines to make sure the winner comes from the Unibet membership making all those faithful players eligible for a tasty share of the 10% prize that is being put up by Unibet casino itself.

The promo will last until the big jackpot explodes in a glorious shower of cash so get playing on the Mega Fortune slot where you will enjoy watching the reels spinning with those fabulous symbols of wealth and opulence flashing at you with so much promise. There are stretch limos, champagne and cigars and plenty more for you to play for at Unibet Casino so register a new account today using our link below and play with a passion of the Mega Fortune video slot game.

Play Mega Fortune here!

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