The Million Dollar Cash Game

Since 2006 The Million Dollar Cash Game has been played once year with tons of poker super stars joining the huge poker cash game. 2009 is no exception and a line up of some of the worlds most know poker profiles will take a seat at the Million Dollar Cash Game table in London.

Brunson, Benyamine & Dwan

Doyle Brunson, David Benyamine and Tom Dwan will take on the Full Tilt Poker pro players Gus Hansen Howard Lederer, Allen Cunningham, Mike Matusow, Chris Ferguson, Patrick Antonius, Justin Smith and November nine final table participant and the most famous player in the world Phil Ivey.

With this line up it seems a lot of fireworks are likely to happen in the game and it might not be unlikely that the record pot in a televised cash game event will be overtaken this year.

Tom Dwan will make sure that his super aggressive playing style will build some enormous pots as Patrick Antonius, Gus Hansen and David Benyamine are not likely to let Durrrr run over the table.

The Million Dollar Cash Game will be taped and scheduled for broadcasting primo 2010.

Tom Dwan will also see the Million Dollar Cash Game as an excellent warm up before he play several opponents in the Million Dollar HU poker game where his first opponent will be Sammy “any two” George in a $500-$1000 HU match where both players put up $500.000 at the table and fight in a minimum of 500 hands or until someone busts.

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