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Website Content

Our website provides gambling-related content which is intended for your personal use only. All content is provided in good faith, but we cannot guarantee that such content will be free from errors or omissions. Some content may become less relevant or accurate with the passing of time, and it should be noted that we are not obliged to update or revise such content.

There is no cost to access our content for your personal use. We earn money by linking to a select range of affiliate partners, and through advertising. Any third-party promotions which are described on this site may be changed or withdrawn at any time by the third parties concerned.

Limited Liability

We will accept no liability for any damage or harm that arises as a consequence of you being unable to access this site or its content, or of you relying on our content. Similarly, we are not liable for any loss that you may suffer in terms of business, business opportunities, sales, goodwill, profits, reputation or revenues. All content presented on this website is used at your own risk.

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We own or license all intellectual property rights for all of the content which is presented on this website, and so all content is protected under copyright law. All content is provided for your personal use only, and use of our content for any commercial or business purpose is strictly forbidden. No liability will be accepted for any loss you may suffer to your business or profit as a result of using our content for the same.

We are under no obligation to accept content removal requests unless the specified content is demonstrably illegal, unethical, false, threatening, sexually explicit, discriminatory or in violation of an individual’s privacy.

Viruses and Malware

It is not possible for us to guarantee that our site is 100% secure or completely free from the risk of viruses. For that reason, you must take responsibility for protecting your own device, applications, data and other property against all malevolent technologies. We cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs to any of your proprietary material due to viruses, malware, distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks or related causes as a result of visiting this website or any website that we may link to.

You agree that you will make no attempt to hack, harm or abuse this website in any way, be it through viruses, malware, DDoS attacks or otherwise. Any and all such attempts will result in us blocking your access to this website, and to your actions being immediately reported to all appropriate law-enforcement authorities.

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Revisions to These Terms

We may revise these Terms in any way and at any time, at our discretion, and you are therefore encouraged to return to this page occasionally in order to keep abreast of any such revisions.

Latest Revision: 19th December 2018