Take part in Brazilian Rebuy every day at Betsafe Poker

Betsafe Poker with their numerous poker tournaments are making a solid offer that is hard to find elsewhere. Some of the most popular tournaments at Betsafe Poker are the daily Brazilian Re-buy tournaments. These tournaments are distinctive by having a late start time, very low entry fee and big prize pools. For example, you can play every night for a guaranteed $12,000 for just $ 5 + $ 0.5.

These big re-buy tournaments are especially exciting for players who want an excellent chance of winning big despite paying far lower entry fees than would otherwise be the case.

It doesn’t matter which country you live in, you can still play!

Some players might think that the different re-buy tournaments at Betsafe Poker are only for players from the same country as the tournament is named, but it isn’t so!. All players regardless of what country they come from can participate so even the tournament refer to Brazil then players from the UK are allowed to play.

Like any rebuy tournament you can buy into the tournament again if you lose all your chips. This feature is available for the first hour of the tournament which also offers an add-on giving you 2,000 chips if you want to increase your stack after the first break.

There are lots of cool tournaments at Betsafe Poker

Brazilian Re-buy is just one small part of what is on offer at Betsafe Poker. So go ahead and create an account with Betsafe Poker today so you can attend one of their many tournaments running all day long. New players have the possibility of receiving up to $ 2000 in bonuses and up to 44.5% in cash backs every month by earning VIP points. It’s easy to see that there is quite simply something for everyone at Betsafe Poker.

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