Texas Holdem

Bet your hand

I think this is one of the best tips that can be given to poker players who flops a monster out of position. First of all betting your hand will… læs mere

Turn raise in Fixed Limit Hold’em

Fixed limit Holdem is a great poker game to play. Mainly because inexperienced players will not fully understand many of the small tactically raises that is so important to make… læs mere

Three of a Kind

Set: A Set is when you have a pocket pair in your hand (88) and another 8 hit the flop. Sets are some of the most profitable hands in poker…. læs mere

Post Behind the Button or Not

When being seated in a cash game it is an ongoing discussion if blinds should be posted behind the button or not. As in much poker discussion there are a… læs mere

Folding AA in Texas Holdem

Is it ever correct to fold AA preflop in Texas Holdem? The answer is yes as we can easily find a few extreme situations where this clearly would be the… læs mere

Texas Hold'em

How to play Texas Holdem poker There are many variations of poker but without doubt online Texas Hold em poker is by far the most popular. TV poker shows is… læs mere